ACT! Active Citizenship Training

The project ACT! deals with the establishment of a comprehensive European evaluation network on Active Citizen-ship and Education.

The initial network consists of 10 experienced European organisations from all over Europe, from four old, two new and three candidate countries.

Our aim is to establish an interdisciplinary partnership; therefore we integrated four academic partners and six part-ners representing projects for youngsters, unemployed and disadvantaged target groups.

The projects consists of four work packages:

  • 1. Development of a comprehensive evaluation approach concerning the impact of non-formal and informal learning on Active Citizenship. We will elaborate user-friendly, transferable and adaptable evaluation method-ologies.
  • 2. Local European projects will be analysed and described by interdisciplinary workgroups (testing of the elabo-rated evaluation approaches). The results will lead to a comprehensive evaluation of the approach and meth-odology.
  • 3. Networking: We will enlarge the network and build up sustainable communication and dissemination structures and integrate major stakeholders on the local, national and European level.
  • 4. Dissemination: The developed methodologies will be transferred, new network partners will be given stages for their projects. Guidance and services will be offered and the accreditation of Active Citizenship will be fostered.