ACT! Showroom of Products and Outcomes

In this section you find major results of the activities carried out in the framework of ACT!

The central element of ACT is the approach to evidence impact of informal learning activities on citizenship competences. The evaluation procedure with the connected ACT-consulting approach which will be highlighted at the first place.

A large scale conference carried out in December 2007 was the kick-off for the ACT-Network that will be established officially from summer 2008 onwards.

The core output is the ACT-Cube - a model which is visualising competence development in relation to Active Citizenship topics. It is described in its evolution in the respective section.

For documentation purposes we are also including the minutes of our 6 meetings caried out between November 2005 and December 2007. They may highlight the development steps of the ACT-project.

As ACT! is mainly concerned with the evaluation of the impact of informal learning you may find the scientific evaluation approach in this section. In September 2007 we will publish a PhD-thesis about the project here.

The literature database contributes to a collection of relevant publications concerning AC, informal learning, scientific approaches and the respective web-links.