REVEAL - Research and Evaluation Group for Validation, Evidencing and Assessing of Informal and Non-formal Learning

REVEAL is a transnational group of European experts and practitioners working in more than 20 organisations from 18 European member states collaborating in the field of evaluation of informal and non-formal learning.

In the framework of three EU-funded projects between 2005 and 2010 the REVEAL community has been developing a unique validation approach for informal and non-formal learning.

ACT! was the initial project leadning to REVEAL after five years of constant European collaboration in the field.

The approach - named "LEVEL5" - has been piloted and applied in more than 40 learning projects and scientifically evaluated in the framework of two international PhD thesis.

LEVEL5 has been created to serve especially

* target groups that learn outside formal education contexts and

* their learning facilitators, be it adult learning providers, care organisations, grassroot projects and others.