Bringing together all the components of the approach, the instruments and the software the partnership realised that the developed evaluation system has an additional impact on the practical level:

Most of the grass-root organisations are depending on public funding. As resources are limited and the demand of funding is exceeding the supply by dimensions the funding authorities from all levels are asking for quality evidencing to justify the co-financing with public funds.

Unfortunately, most of the quality assessment systems mainly measure mainly the management quality (even if process orientated) but not the performance quality related to the services offered by the organisations.

The effects of these services can be, in the majority of the cases, documented by the competence development of the final beneficiaries, the citizens. In so far the measurement of the impact of informal learning on Active Citizenship is gaining a very valuable impact also for the organisations in the field.

A special ACT-workgroup with Romanian, Swedish and German partners developed a brochure for grass-root projects describing the ACT-evaluation procedure in an applicable way.

On the basis of the 15 experience reports from 23 tested grass-root projecst, also a consulting strategy was developed taking in account the demands of support by the responsible project stakeholders.

The consulting offer was developed in role plays among the partners and pre-tested in connection with the grass-root projects on the local level.

ACT-consulting offers will be focusing on each of the main procedural steps:

1. Selection of competences and refining

2. Building reference system

3. Assessment

4. Evidencing